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Our expert reflux surgeons are always humbled to hear from patients about how a procedure has impacted their life in a positive way through patient reflux surgery testimonials. We hope you will find the below testimonials encouraging to remind you that there is hope! Please call our center today to schedule a consultation with a GI surgeon and be on your way to recovery.

Below are some reflux surgery testimonials from our happy patients!

“This man is really amazing!!! I’ve had a problem with heartburn for most of my adult life. Now that I think about it, it probably started around the time I was a teenager. But, I didn’t think much of it considering that my life consisted of really heavy and greasy foods. Fast forward to a couple of years ago, when I graduated college, my heartburn was getting worse and worse. I went to see my general doctor but he didn’t think it was that serious and sent me on my way. Little did he know, from that point on, the heartburn seemed to get even more painful.

I even sought out alternative methods to try and help the awful burning sensation. I had acupuncture, started taking special herbs, along with all of these weird homeopathic remedies. Nothing was working but I was so desperate to get help. That’s when a family member recommended that I finally see a specialist once and for all. I had never been to a specialist and didn’t know where to start looking for one. Luckily, a friend of a friend said that they knew of a phenomenal Gastroenterologist, Dr. Berookim. Without hesitation, I called his office and took the first available appointment.

I expected their office to be kind of sterile and bland but it was nothing like that. It was such a nice place! Everyone was so friendly and made me feel pretty comfortable about being there.  I met with Dr. Berookim and explained to him my history of heartburn. He was so patient and answered all of my questions.  Seriously, it felt like he was one of my old buddies! I’ve never met a doctor that nice in my entire life. I knew within five minutes of talking with him that he really was an expert in his field. He told me a lot about GERD and how if we didn’t treat it, it could potentially lead to cancer. I had no idea! So, he prescribed me some medicine that I had never taken, and talked about making certain lifestyle changes. It’s only been a few weeks and I already feel SO much better. I will continue to see him for follow- ups until my heartburn is fully under control but I am beyond confident that I will feel 100% again.

I don’t know where I’d be without Dr. Berookim! He has made such a positive difference in my life. If you are in need of a Gastroenterologist, go see him!”

-Angel R.

“Dr. Elihu is a good doctor and is clearly very knowledgeable on gastroenterology issues.  I really liked how Dr. Elihu carefully listened to all of my concerns.  He spent about 30 minutes with me during my first visit making sure to understand my patient history in detail so as to give me an appropriate diagnosis.  It was a very nice change as so many doctors don’t seem to listen to you.  He also took detailed and thorough labs so as to make sure everything was checked out.  He’s also very good about following up.  I’m really glad that I went to see him.”

-Dee D.


“I have been experiencing really bad heartburn for the past few months. At first I was just trying to ignore it, but recently it became really uncomfortable. I started asking a few friends what kind of doctor I should go see for this and they recommended I go to a GI doctor. One of my friends was also dealing with heartburn and had recently gone to Dr Berookim and loved him. She told me I had to go see him because he is the best GI in Beverly Hills. I called his office and made an appointment that week. On the day of my appointment I got there a few minutes early to fill out paperwork and didn’t have to wait more than about 10-15 minutes before I was brought back.My experience with Dr. Berookim was great. He asked me a bunch of questions about my heartburn conditions. He told me my heartburn, also known as GERD, was pretty mild and as of right now the best treatment would be to make some lifestyle modifications. He told me that if this does not work then I should come back and we can reevaluate. I really appreciated him telling me first and foremost to try and treat it myself instead of pushing more invasive diagnostic exams or treatments.It has been a few weeks since my appointment with Dr Berookim and my heartburn has decreased from the simple diet changes he suggested. Dr Berookim is a great doctor and I would highly recommend him for any GI needs!”

-Keira R.


“Dr. Davidson is awesome…..great GI doctor with the state of the art equipment.  He provides a high level of care while making his patients feel comfortable and at ease.  I used to absolutely dread going to the GI doctor (not that I necessarily enjoy it now) but coming here makes the entire experience so much easier and less stressful.  He takes our insurance and we never have to wait too long.  Dr. Davidson himself is friendly yet professional. He and his staff do everything they can to accommodate you and make you feel comfortable in their office.  I honestly can’t imagine going to another GI doctor anymore.  I have referred numerous patients to Dr. Davidson and they ALL have had tremendous results and were thrilled with his service.  His diagnosis is right on and he is extremely topnotch in his field.”


“My team was so delightful and proper. They also called me to remind me of my procedure the day before.”


“Despite the fact that I wasn’t feeling too hot when I first saw him, I have to say that dealing with Dr. Nowain (and his staff) was a complete pleasure. From my initial phone call with Layla to make my appointment, everyone I met at Dr. Nowain’s office was warm, friendly and totally professional. That’s a great attitude to encounter when you’re not feeling well…When I sat down with Dr. Nowain in person for my initial consultation, he immediately put me at ease and I didn’t feel like he was rushing me out the door to get on to his next appointment. Instead, he really listened to what I had to say and then asked a bunch of follow-up questions, to get to the root of what might be troubling me.I ended up needing an endoscopy, and when I returned to Dr. Nowain’s office for my results, he took the time to walk through everything with me and explain it all in easy-to-understand terms.At every step of the way, I felt like I was in very good hands. I hope not to have to see him again soon, hehe, but I’m glad to know he’s there if I do need him. I highly recommend him!”

-Scott M.

“Excellent doctor – in fact, one of the most thorough and attentive I’ve ever encountered. I went to see him for a consultation for some nagging, lingering GI issues and found him 100% engaged in getting to the root of the problem. His approach was very personable and comprehensive, there was never any sense that he was just trying to give me a quick fix to get me out the door. He took a lot of time going over my history and, perhaps most importantly, really seemed to value my input and opinions. I left with what felt like an intelligent, workable plan of action. His front office staff was friendly and efficient as well – I didn’t have to wait forever to get an appointment, and he saw me right on time. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a good GI doc.”

-Eric H.

“This doctor is just amazing. He takes his time and makes sure you understand his plan of action in detail. Great personality. I would refer everyone I know to this wonderful doctor.”

“He is a wonderful surgeon and a wonderful man. He’s my hero. I live out of town and he always makes time to see me. I was told I was inoperable until I met him. He saved my life.”

“I was hesitant to write a review on this website at first, because its really not in my nature to write a review. However I felt compelled to write firstly, because I use this website as one of the many resources to help find Dr’s and secondly, I was thoroughly impressed by Dr.Ali. I have been to many specialists throughout the years and I mean MANY!! I can’t help but remember how helpless I felt walking in through the office doors and walking out with a sigh of relief. Finally a doctor who knows what he specializes in and reassured confidence in me. I’m just impressed by how patient and understanding he was, he helped put into perspective what it was I needed done. It’s just not easy trusting your life with a stranger specially if that person will eventually operate on you. I have held off on my surgery for about four months now.I’m confident to say I can have Dr. Mahtabifaerd as the surgeon who will conduct my procedure. Highly recommended physician!”

“after going to several Physicians, he was the only one that was able to understand the real issues i had and I’m grateful to him for my life.”

I have suffered from acid reflux for over 20 years and my earliest memory is being in high school, and had a bottle of Tums in my locker – probably a bottle a week. Then I moved onto something stronger, which was proton pump inhibitors, which I was on for well over 10 years, prior to my surgery. I’ve been in law enforcement for over 10 years and with the acid reflux and the equipment we wear and the activities that we do – duty belt, bullet proof vest – it’s really restricting and would cause even more issues with my acid reflux, so over time I found I needed more and more medication to help keep that down.

The TIF procedure was pretty easy. I didn’t have to take a lot of time off work. I just had to eat a bland diet for a little while and then eventually I was back to eating just like normal. After the procedure my life has changed dramatically, professionally and at home. I don’t have to think about acid reflux any longer when I’m active at work or when I’m at home and playing with the family.

I highly recommend the TIF procedure. I never have to think about acid reflux, or carry my little pills around with me. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

– Lawrence (from

I’m a construction estimator, and construction estimating and bidding work is hard enough without GERD and the acid reflux that it causes. I had regurgitation at night, I had heartburn, I had a burning of the throat and the chest, I would burp a lot. I have taken so many medications for acid reflux, and they don’t work for me. So when the medications don’t work, it’s time to find something else.

I’d never heard of TIF – the incisionless procedure. When the doctor explained an outline of what was going to happen during the procedure, I thought, “how easy can that be?” And I’m here to tell you, it was very easy. I had a recovery period of approximately a day, I came back to work the following day and everything was back to normal. I was on a liquid diet for about a week, and then could go back to eating normally.

I came to realize that once I could start eating and drinking the things I couldn’t eat before – it didn’t affect me. It’s just made such a change in my life.

– Brent (from

I’ve suffered from acid reflux and GERD for practically my entire life, and had never had any relief with typical medications like Tums. It got to the point where I couldn’t even go out with friends to dinner because I knew there’d be nothing on the menu that I could eat. It was severely impacting my life.

I finally talked to my doctor about my chronic reflux, and he referred me to Dr. Mahtabifard at the Barrett’s Esophagus Center of Excellence, where I underwent the TIF procedure to get rid of my reflux once and for all. The procedure was really fast, and I went back to work the next day.

Within two weeks I noticed a huge difference. I was finally able to eat normally without worrying about the pain I’d have later, and I could get through a whole day without feeling like I needed to pop a Tums. This procedure changed my life, and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

– Angela

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